The part can never be well unless the whole is well.

— Plato


Natural & balanced approach

We live in an age of instant gratification that compels us to seek quick fixes in every area of our lives. At Lyftaal we have made it our mission to introduce our clients to a sustainable approach to self-care that seeks to find and rectify core lifestyle imbalances rather than merely treating the unwanted symptoms of these imbalances. It is our policy that each and every client receives the same impeccable standard of care regardless of how often they visit us or how many treatments they book – every visit to Lyftaal will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and thoroughly nurtured. 


Contemporary treatments & age-old techniques

We offer a variety of contemporary treatments that combine the sanctity of healing touch with the latest scientific findings to provide powerful stress relief and replenish the body’s natural energy stores. Our integrated treatment model also includes age-old techniques that have stood the test of time and draws on ancient wisdom to transport our clients to a plane of pure tranquillity. 


Responsible & sustainable business model

Our sustainable business model is based on the belief that we as a species should tread as lightly as possible on this earth and take care of the planet we call our home. As such we take care to recycle and dispose of any refuse in a responsible manner and encourage our clients to do the same at home. 


Complementary care & quality products

At Lyftaal we believe in supporting South African industry and keeping our carbon footprint small, which is why we use locally sourced products wherever possible and only opt for international brands when there is no local equivalent available. We have searched far and wide to find our favourites, which we use to complement our treatment techniques and recommend as home-care to keep our clients glowing in between their visits to Lyftaal. This includes Environ, ESSE, LTI Homeopathic Aromatherapy, Oh-lief and Le Riche Naturals (all locally manufactured), as well as Gelish® Soak-off Gel Polish and Essie Nail Laquer. We also stock a range of healthy treats from Native sugar-free snack foods also proudly South African. 

We invite you to take refuge at Lyftaal; allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for. We look forward to welcoming you and working together to identify the treatments that your drained, overworked body craves to kick-start its natural healing processes. By the time we’re done you will bloom with radiant health and lustrous beauty!